Day 19-Some attainable goals

Published April 12, 2016 by Megan

I am really good at setting goals. Whether or not they are attainable is still out for debate. Since January 22, I have really tried hard to set goals that I will be able to attain. I have been writing down a list of them, (imagine that! Just like Steve Carrell’s character in Anchorman loves lamp–I love list.) and it keeps on getting bigger each day. I thought that I would share a preliminary list with you guys today. You know, for accountability sake.

Nick keeps me accountable each day. A couple of nights ago, I didn’t want to go downstairs to get my clothes and asked him to… he said, “But what about huffing and puffing? You won’t get better unless you keep on going up and down the stairs.” Son of a bitch. I should have never let him read this blog. Last night, Nick didn’t want to do something I had asked him to do (for the life of my I cannot remember) and he said, “No.” And I said, “Why?” He replied, “I am just trying to keep you accountable.” So, it has now become a little jab. He can relate anything back to keeping me accountable. What a jerk! haha

Anywho, here is my ever evolving list:

  • Complete a 5K within first year of surgery
    • I don’t think I will ever run a marathon–that seems unattainable, but I want to be able to complete a 5k. That seems completely do-able. I would love to do the Color Run. Who doesn’t like to look like a unicorn pooped all over them?!
  • Go meatless at least once a week
    • This one is completely attainable, even though I am a carnivore through and through. I want to learn new ways to get my protein in. New recipes and planning menus are kind of addicting.
  • Go off of anxiety meds and sleeping pill
    • I am hoping this one is feasible. I know that chemical imbalances may not be fixed by this weight loss, but I would love to try at least.
  • Go to Disney World and be able to ride the rides
    • I would love to go anywhere and fit. Let’s not have another repeat of this. I really want to go to Disney World and Harry Potter World and be able to take it all in. Not have to worry about getting exhausted an hour in.
  • Not have to custom order scrubs
    • I would love to go into a store and buy scrubs/ any clothes for that matter. Online ordering for clothes is a hassle and a half!
  • Inspire others
    • It is already starting! I want to help others!!!
  • Get a bike and ride it
    • I already have her all picked out! I used to love riding my bike. At this time, I feel like the tires are going to flatten when I get on any bike, along with feeling the seat is trying to give me a colonoscopy. So, not having those things happen would be an absolute plus.


  • Take swing dancing lessons
    • I have always loved swing music and swing dancing. I love the culture, the clothes, and pretty much everything about it. I want to go and have a great time doing it!
  • Hit “one”derland (under 200 lbs)
    • This is a lot of people’s goal. I want to be a healthy girl. The doc wants me at like 180. I want to be under 200 pounds again!

Like I said, this is ever evolving, but I just wanted to get some of these goals out there. Last night, Nick and I made a chicken crust pizza as our new recipe of the week. It was delicious. I love pizza and am a self-proclaimed pizza snob. I am not ready to give that up. So, I thought I would try this recipe out. It didn’t quite fill that pizza need, but I can’t wait to change it up to see what I can do to make it better next time. Here is where I got the recipe: click here for deliciousness. It was high in sodium, but I can justify that because everything else was so great nutritionally (or at least I believe so.) I can always tweak the ingredients to be less salty.

Here is a pic of my finished product. I ate half for dinner, and Nick is eating the rest right meow for lunch.


That is all for now everyone. Thanks to everyone for reading it! I am up to over 1,000 views so far and some people from other countries are reading it! If you read this today, please comment on my Instagram or Facebook– “Goats are the best” so I can see where the views are coming from! Please also consider checking out my merchandise here.

Until tomorrow,




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